Legal manager peşəsi üzrə vakansiya — Ekvita LLC — iş elanları 2021

Legal manager peşəsi üzrə vakansiya 2020 / 2021

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Key Responsibilities:

  • Managing oversight and direction of the work of legal assistants (interns), junior lawyers, lawyers and senior lawyers
  • Assigning tasks for performance of client inquiries
  • Revision of completed tasks and deliverables
  • Client management (day to day follow-up, client meetings, etc.)
  • Conducting comprehensive legal research and preparation of legal opinions
  • Carrying out presentations on ad hoc legal issues where necessary
  • Conduction of due diligence, labour, ABC and other types of audits when and where necessary
  • Advice on corporate structuring
  • Directing and timely addressing client inquiries
  • Management of independent projects
  • Training new staff
  • Develop a close professional working relationship with the management and employees
  • Management of court cases or attendance in the hearings where necessary•
  • Review, draft and negotiation of major agreements
  • Translation of complex commercial/legal scenarios into simple language and action plans
  • Liaison with relevant State authorities, if necessary

Essential Qualifications and Experience:

  • Master’s degree (LL.M) is a must.
  • Ideal candidate would have either bachelor or master’s degree from a foreign university (from UK or US)
  • Preferably 7-10 years of law firm experience

Communication Skills:

  • Effective listener – able to listen carefully and comprehend all given instructions
  • Excellent writing and verbal communication skills – able to express ideas concisely, unambiguously and consistently

Analytical Skills:

  • Excellent demonstrated analytical skills; able to spot legal issues and risks in a given transaction
  • Ability and maturity to make independent judgement

Core Skills and Competencies:

  • A person with the right attitude, ambitious but with realistic in expectations
  • High ethical and professional standards
  • Ability to meet the tight deadlines and to work hard when necessary
  • Fluency in Azerbaijani and English (both written and spoken); Russian would be an asset
  • Effective computer literacy
  • Ability to plan and organise work unsupervised
  • Excellent team-player, respects and supports fellow colleagues
  • Able to work directly with clients without supervision

Pay and Benefits:

  • Competitive salary will be offered to a good candidate based on skills and experience
  • Medical insurance at a reputable insurance company will be provided
  • Bonuses may be offered depending on the annual billing time (to be discussed and agreed)
  • Good training opportunities both locally and overseas
  • Interest-free long-term loans may also be provided to help finance legal education (to be agreed)
  • Employees will also be eligible to get loans from local bank based on terms agreed with such banks

Interested candidates are requested to submit their resumes to [email protected]

Only candidates who noted vacancy name in the subject line (Legal Manager) will be considered.

Legal Consultant

Job description: Dealing with different legal issues; Conducting research on various areas of the law and drafting professional advice upon request of the supervising team members; Drafting and reviewing various documents (templates, letters, contracts, requests etc.); Regular communication with clients and the state authorities; Assisting the team members within multifunctional projects; Visiting client office, state […]

Nexia Azerbaijan - Bakı - 26.11.2021

500 — 800 ₼

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500 — 800 ₼

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2000 — 3000 ₼

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Ищем в команду Юриста, готового к удалённой работе по трудовому контракту с почасовой оплатой. Обязанности: Взаимодействие с корпоративными клиентами; Создание договоров под конкретных клиентов и обсуждение правок с ними; Консультирование руководства компании по текущим вопросам деятельности компании; Правовое сопровождение корпоративной деятельности; Государственная регистрация юридических лиц, оформление документов, знание нормативной документации в указанной области; Требования: Высшее юридическое […]

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Collection & Treasury Specialist

Key Responsibilities: Payments to vendors, payment orders preparation, control of documents Preparing daily bank balance reports, bank processes control. Estimation and forecasting of treasury strategy Negotiation of rates and prices with banks and financial institutions Collection side of business: reports, transactions and daily / weekly based retailer based debts check. Agents’ problem solving, daily reconciliations […]

Azerlotereya - Bakı - 17.11.2021

800 — 1000 ₼


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600 — 1000 ₼


Ə/h 500-700 AZN.166 Yükdaşıma və Logistika Hüquqşünas vəzifəsi üzrə vakansiya elan edir. Rus dili arzuolunandır.

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